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have read and sympathize with all of you who have had issues with GVTC. I've live in the Bulverde area for the past 15 years and have only had TWC or GVTC from which to choose. TWC signal strength is poor in our area, so we opted for GVTC. Over the past 15 years, I've put their number on speed dial because of the amount of time I have spent calling them over technical issues. No kidding. The technicians and I are on a first name basis!! This past month alone, I've contacted them on 3 different occasions for cable issues. I don't have problems with network, but do have issues with their technical department.

Three weeks ago I called with our cable being out, they gave me a service appt 7 days later (and called it first available). They then called back and said I would need to be home between 8 -12 or 12 - 4pm, and they only work M-F. I think I might be in the wrong business. I can't afford to sit home for 4 hours and lose pay monthly because of antiquated equipment or poor technical training. The supervisor got involved after several phone calls and had someone meet me at the house at 410pm. All he had to do was put a splitter on our lines.

Then, two weeks ago, I was told our system needed to be replaced to the 'newest' system. They did make accommodations to come out on a Saturday after I told them I'd have to cancel services if they were unable to schedule around my time, their customer. The technician was really nice and quickly added the new system. I was told we'd have no further problems. Guess who I was on the phone with GVTC tonight for 2 hours??? Yep, thank goodness I saved the speed dial number. Technical issues again... completely lost my tv picture, was hung up on twice by the technician until I used my husband's cell phone number to call back. I plan on calling customer service once again tomorrow to discuss their service. Not sure it's worth the $12.00 I receive from them on a yearly basis for being in the COOP or the $220 I pay for phone, basic cable, and internet.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Their service is non existent and their techs are untrained. I am cancelling all service with them phone, Internet,television and alarm monitoring.

I'll go back to a regular antenna and find another service.

Shop around before you sign up for GVTC. You'll be sorry.

to Anonymous Bulverde, Texas, United States #1214026

Well , Do Not Waste Your Time With Any Of ( ANTENNADEALS.COM ) Junk , It Don't Work " As Advertised " & Their Customer Support Is Even ( WORSE) Than G.V.T.C'S.

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