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GVTC purposely separated Hallmark channels so that you would purchase extra package. Had to purchase extra package to get Fox News.

Started at 150 a month and new bill is 210. That is with 100 channels (plus 1 tier to get Hallmark mystery), internet and phone. Switching today. My new bill with Time Warner is 141 which will go up 20 bucks in a year, but still much cheaper than GVTC.

They will pay any cancellation fees.

Time Warner includes multiple sports, Fox News and both Hallmark channels. The only thing I'm disappointed with Time Warner is that they make you pay extra for TV Land.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gvtc Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Vote with your wallet.

And another failed attempt by the liberal media to silence dissenters like Fox.

Good for you - stop getting ripped off while thwarting the mainstream media.

2 for one, very good !

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