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I have been a GVTC customer for many years and consider myself a loyal customer even with problems, I stay with the company. Recently I tried to get the faster 100mg internet speeds, both upload and download along with additional tv channels, whole home DVR was offered for $129.95 for new customers.

I called and was told I could not get this service as I am a long time customer, (loyal) and paying $179 monthly for less service. Current internet is 80 download 20 upload with less channels. I explained my frustration and told GVTC many of my friends and neighbors were discussing this practice of being treated less then new customers. AS I was told this is the company's policy there was nothing they could do other then increase my monthly bill to over $194 a month.

So I decided to drop cable and phone so I could get the 100 meg internet speed for upload and download. I was told I would need to bring in the GVTC cable boxes and then they would change my speeds. I brought the boxes in and then I was told they would need to send a tech out to make my changes. I asked why the tech could not pick up the boxes when he came to do the changes, thus keeping my services until my change.

I was told this is their practice and nothing they could do. (just another way of sticking it to the consumer). A good company would handle differently. I asked to speak with the CEO and board of directors as the end user could help their company move from a good to a great company with a few policy changes.

I was told to look up the CEO phone # on line.. (Wow). Never the less, After several attempts to try and get the CEO contact info, I found his name (Mark Gitter) and was sent to his voice mail. I left him a message and have yet to get a repy phone call.

At this point, I have engaged the news media on the story as we want to interview GVTC CEO/Board of Directors and have them share their policy and procedures on how they screw their loyal customers and treat new customers better. If this is their policy, they should be proud to share with everyone their service to their customers. Lastly, the technician showed up after a week and a half of my equipment being removed, he knocked on door, I was in restroom and on phone so tech left a tag on door and am now rebooked for 10 days out. Not sure how you would rate this company in terms of service and putting their customers first, however, I would consider this company to be outdated in terms of service and their practice is encouraging the drop of market shares.

Currently, they have lost 50% of my service and will not get that part of the market back. I am guessing as TV is becoming more available on line, GVTC with their practice will continue to loose market shares.

Funny how my first inquire to this company was to share how the can keep and even grow market

Product or Service Mentioned: Gvtc Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yes, 4 yrs ago, I tried to go down on my plan & was told it would be a $300 charge!

Boerne, Texas, United States #1267081

As soon as another carrier jumps in with both feet GVTC is done for. Time Warner will soon be known as Spectrum and they are knocking on the door.

Bye bye GVTC, your days are numbered. T/Warner is not without its problems but they have way better customer service and check out their prices in San Antonio.

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